Traveling during the football season to and from games is a necessary evil for the sport you love. The NFL alone will hold 256 regular-season games (in addition to eleven playoff games).

Needless to say, there will be a lot of football fans both on the road and in the air, making the trek to cheer on their favorite teams in person.

To compound that, you have the increased number of people traveling for holiday purposes.

Getting to your destination is going to be taxing and stressful, so why not charter a plane to make the trip more enjoyable and relaxing?

Traveling by charter flight is probably one of those things you considered briefly, then immediately dismissed it because you assumed it would be too pricey. But chartering a flight is really not that much more expensive than flying first-class, especially if you are flying with a group of people.

Plus, the benefits you’ll reap will outweigh the cost difference exponentially. Let’s take a closer look at why chartering is a plane this football season will be the best travel choice you ever make.

Waiting in Security Lines is No Fun

One thing that is a certainty when it comes to traditional air travel is that you will have to wait in those long lines. There is a line at check-in, a line for security, and a line at your gate. The lines just don’t quit.

The TSA recommends you arrive two to three hours early during times like the holidays. If the airport closest to you is an international hub like LAX or ATL, then you can expect those wait times to increase even further.

Skip the lines by chartering a flight.

With a charter flight, you won’t have to wait in any lines. You won’t have to go through the traditional security checkpoint.

The recommended time of arrival at the airport when flying by charter is a mere fifteen minutes before takeoff.

And if you happen to be running late for your flight, the plane won’t leave without you.

Think about the time and stress you’ll be saving yourself by chartering a flight. You can spend more time checking on your Fantasy League standings and perfecting your lineup instead of shuffling your feet in lines.

Bring All the Excess Baggage You Want

As most people have learned the hard way, at one time or another, most commercial airlines have strict baggage quantity and weight limits. You don’t have to worry about packing less when it comes to flying by charter flight.

There is virtually no limit to the weight and quantity of suitcases you’d like to take with you.

You can also take items with you that would be more difficult to transport on a commercial flight. The cooler you are bringing for the tailgating activities and your game day sign will go right on board, hassle-free.

World-Class Comfort, Better Entertainment, Better Food

Flying commercial means that you’ll be forced to suffer through sharing small spaces with strangers, even if you do happen to fly first-class. Flying with a charter company means that you can book a plane that is going to suit your needs.

Are you flying with a group of your college buddies to see your favorite team duke it out against their rivals? Why not choose a plane that is going to allow everyone in your group to spread out and relax?

You can get some work done peacefully, or enjoy a couple of beers and reminisce about the good old days. You don’t have that option when you fly commercial.

You can also choose what type of in-flight entertainment and dining you’d like to enjoy. The options are endless.

Charter Fleet International has a capable, accommodating staff that will cater to your specific needs and desires for in-flight movies, television, music, and food.

Want to enjoy some boneless wings while watching a reel of last season’s best touchdowns? All you have to do is ask.

Getting You to the Game

When you fly commercial, you’re limited to destinations which boast larger airports. That could mean you have up to an hour of traveling by car to the hotel or stadium once you land.

If you charter a plane, however, the number of airports you can land at expands greatly. Charter planes are smaller and don’t need as long of a runway as commercial airliners do. The smaller, regional airports are opened up to you as possible destinations.

You can fly to the closest possible airport, or the one that is going to allow you the most direct and least busy route to the hotel or football stadium.

This will give you more time to hit up the business center in the hotel to send that fax. Then you can head straight to the stadium, with more available time to tailgate and enjoy the game.

Let’s Talk Cost to Charter a Plane

You are probably still hesitant to fly charter because of that one final and important factor: money. Flying charter is so much more expensive than flying commercial. Is it really worth it?

Absolutely. Chartering a flight, when it comes down to it, is really not that much more per person than first class tickets. When you factor in the savings of time and stress, and the benefits of enjoying yourself more, the choice is simple.

If you charter a flight versus flying commercial, you’ll have more flexibility, less time standing in lines, greater comfort in-flight, and more time enjoying your football game.

If you hate the hassle of flying commercial at the airport and the stress it causes, here is your option to do something about it.

You are flying to the games to enjoy yourself and because your team needs you. Why not enjoy the traveling as well, further enhancing your fun and team spirit on the trip?

So check out the prices Charter Fleet International has to offer by requesting a quote today. You’ll soon find that flying charter to the next big game will be worth every penny.