When the need for a business trip arises, every management official has two options: fly commercially or fly privately.

Attached to this decision are two other important options that are perhaps overlooked or unknown to most when it comes to business travel: productivity or idleness.

At Charter Fleet International, it is clear to us that there are few better decisions a business owner can make than choosing to fly its employees to their destination privately.

The worldwide private fleets are projected to grow to 22,650 in the next 15 years, signally a movement towards private flights for business men and women.

Charter Fleet International wants to draw your business away from the traditional commercial flight and into the private sphere. We know that once you consider all of the benefits, you will see your great choice reflected in your business.

Why choose a charter plane?

Flying privately is usually associated with the wasting of money and splurging on luxury. These misconceptions cover up the truth of the matter: private flights offer benefits that even first class options in commercial flights cannot rival.

When a business chooses to fly their employees to a destination with a private charter flight, that company is choosing productivity. They are choosing productivity in lieu of saving some money on a commercial flight. Flying charter, quite simply, makes the most sense.

Let’s break down the details

Time is money

Sure, the savings on a commercial flight do sound appealing. However, they hardly make sense when compared to the money that can be brought in by an employee who isn’t weighed down with airport lines, long waits and layovers, and travel time to a major airport an hour away from their home.

With a charter plane, businesses are able to send their employees to their destinations from airports that are much closer to their locations because private business fleets commonly take off from smaller, local airports rather than being restricted to the larger and busier airports of commercial flights.

These flexible flights can cut down on the total cost of travel by hours, which is important during a paid trip. The time saved is a benefit on its own, and the work that can be accomplished while on the flight must still be reviewed.

Private has perks

If you’ve ever found yourself on a commercial flight, you have probably experienced the uncomfortable seating, minimal leg room, expensive (and slow) internet access, and the less-than-ideal work provided by crying children and passengers chatting.

Private charter flights, on the other hand, offer their own unique perks. Being modern and comfortable is one aspect, of course, but the entire environment is better geared towards business.

Private charter flights are able to offer connective technologies and internet speeds that could even rival those in your office.


We’ve discussed the monetary and technological perks of using a charter plane. But the real benefit associated with a charter plane is the increase in productivity you can expect after making this important choice.

Here are some facts from the Oxford economics report that speak for themselves:

  • “Business professionals that fly commercial report a 40% drop in productivity.”
  • 10% of the revenue generated from business-related trips can be linked to the benefits stemming from private travel.”
  • The Oxford Economics report also found that: “private jet users are more successful at delivering value to their shareholders.”
  • This report also found out that, according to the NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book 2014, “business jet travellers generated 245% higher return for their shareholders (dividends plus stock price appreciation) than those travelling by other means of transportation.”

How to make private flights work for you

Book early

Planning your trips early will allow you to see which flight plan suits your needs best. If you want to arrive some place in the least amount of time, landing right before your event, be sure to plan for this.

If you’d like your team to have productive travel time but still arrive early to refresh, your charter company can also arrange this. The flexible options and schedules offered with charter companies will make business travel a breeze.

Pack Efficiently

When flying commercially, there is always the hassle of getting your items into a set amount of baggage and then getting those bags through the ever-growing security lines. Working with charter flights not only avoids this issue, but it allows businesses to travel with everything they need.

When it comes to technology, the plane is often able to support what team members need but may not be able to use on a commercial flight.

Utilize the privacy

Due to the privacy offered on a private flight, your team members will be able to complete their tasks in peace.

Whether it is completing a brief or data package, they will be offered the privacy to complete their work without distraction or discomfort.

Prepare the team

With the privacy mentioned in #3, your team is free to take their productivity to the next level.  On a charter plane, your team is able to hold business meetings to plan their pitches and leads to convert prospective clients into closed sales.

When an entire team is able to travel together on a charter plane, the productive work environment cultivated in your office is able to transfer to a new space.

With these opportunities, brainstorming sessions and team discussions can thrive and move onto the ground upon landing.

Take on more opportunities

No longer see travel as a hassle, see it as an opportunity. Once you have experienced the first-hand benefits of flying with a charter fleet, like Charter Fleet International, you are free to take on more opportunities.

If attending a conference previously required your team to tackle a long flight with multiple, extended layovers, getting there will no longer be a journey that everyone wants to avoid.

Instead, your team will be able to take their air-time in the charter plane and turn it into time spent working.

Choose your company wisely

Be sure to look into the credentials of each company that you bring into consideration. Looking at the upkeep of their planes,  the technology offered, their records, and pilot information is key to making the best decision for your business.

Charter Fleet International is confident that we will meet your charter needs that will raise your productivity to the next level. Contact us to discuss how we can work for you.