New Mexico’s Angel Fire may be known for being quite the skiing destination, but there’s also a ton of other really fun things to do in Angel Fire as well.

Are you planning a trip to this resort destination? We put together a guide to all the things you can do that don’t involve the slopes in Angel Fire!

Before we get into all the fun activities, let’s look at why Angel Fire is a great destination and what this village is all about.

Facts About Angel Fire, New Mexico

Angel Fire is a village located in Colfax County, New Mexico. The village is known for being a popular ski destination and there are over five hundred acres of snowy slopes in Angel Fire.

It may seem odd that a southwestern state could experience enough cold to produce so much snow. However, Angel Fire and some nearby towns in the area have very cold winter temperatures with warm temperatures in the summertime.

Angel Fire Resort, the primary ski resort in the village, is located in Moreno Valley and is also open year round.

Why Choose Angel Fire, New Mexico?

You could see Angel Fire as a less expensive, less crowded, and more diverse Aspen or Swiss Alps.

From the beautiful southwestern skies to the ample abundances of slopes to the generous amount of things to do for non-skiers, there are a ton of things to do in Angel Fire, New Mexico that make booking that reservation right now worth it.

Angel Fire would also make a fantastic destination for company business trips as well as family vacations.

Are you ready for the big list? If you plan to have a big vacation in Angel Fire, consider all the other awesome things you can do other than ski before you fly out.

Nine Non-Slope Things To Do In Angel Fire, NM

These ski-free things to do in Angel Fire are tons of fun!

9. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This memorial building resides in Angel Fire’s national parks service. The uniquely designed structure was built by a father in mourning of his son who died during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial was the very first Vietnam memorial to be built and the structure, along with the tour and film provided during your visit, is truly something to behold.

8. Angel Fire Resort – Tubing

Angel Fire Resort is the prime destination for skiing in Angel Fire. It also hosts a ton of other fun things to do as well, including tubing!

Do you want to have fun on the slopes but you’re not a fan of skiing? Tubing is a fun way to experience the Angel Fire slopes without the uneasiness of attempting to ski.

The “Polar Coaster” has five lanes on a hill and is open daily. Kids would love the tubing activities at Angel Fire Resort as well.

7. Turquoise Trout

Turquoise Trout is a guide service for Angel Fire, NM.

If you’re planning to fish in Angel Fire’s beautiful Eagle Nest Lake, you should definitely consider the services of Turquoise Trout.

Employing local guides and fishermen can lead to a bigger catch, a more fun environment for fishing, and more of an opportunity to learn about the lake.

6. Roadrunner Tours

Nancy Burch’s Roadrunner Tours is a great idea if you want to introduce your kids (or yourself) to horseback riding.

Roadrunner Tours also offers cabin excursions as well as overnight trail ride camping trips for families and groups.

Nancy’s Chuckwagon Riding Tours are simply the best. Take a horseback ride through the beautiful foothills of Carson National Forest and finish up the trip with an authentic delicious outdoor-cooked meal fit for a cowboy.

5. Angel Fire Resort – Scenic Chairlift Rides

Is ziplining a little too terrifying for you? Consider a scenic chairlift ride!

Not only do they feel a little safer and more secure, but the slow pace allows for riders to really take in the beautiful scenery, making this one of the most family friendly things to do in Angel Fire

Once you experience a chairlift ride, you may be addicted to the beautiful view and larger-than-life feeling.

Angel Fire Resort offers scenic chairlift rides that will take you over 10,000 feet to the summit of the resort’s mountain.

The spectacular view spans Mareno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Eagle Nest Lake State Park.

4. Enchanted Circle Brewing

This little crafter beer brewery only opened last year, but they’ve quickly become a popular tourist and foodie destination in Angel Fire.

Try flights of delicious craft beer and maybe a gyro, hot dog, or pretzel as well. The brewery’s patio offers a lovely view of the mountains as well.

If you’re hosting a business trip, Enchanted Circle Brewing would be a great destination to stop at with your team.

3. Zipline Adventure Tours

Do want to be extra adventurous on your Angel Fire vacation? Ziplining is sure to fulfill your need for a serious adrenaline rush.

The Zipline Adventure Tour in Angel Fire offers six different zip lines at the summit of Agua Fria Peak.

Like Angel Fire Resort’s scenic chairlift, you’ll be at about 10,000 feet.

You’ll get a beautiful view of Moreno Valley and Agua Fria Peak on these zip lining tours that least between two and three hours.

2. Angel Fire Bike Park

If you prefer biking over skiing, you’ll have to pop over to Angel Fire Bike Park during your trip.

This fantastic bike park featuring a unique and extensive trail system, friendly staff, and a well-stocked rental shop.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Angel Fire Bike Park has the equipment and trail that’s perfect for you.

1. Angel Fire Resort – Boating and Fishing

Angel Fire Resort offers boating and fishing access to Monte Verde Lake.

There are tons of rainbow trout in Monte Verde during the summer. Fishing equipment is available and pedal boat rides are also offered as well.

If you plan to go in the summer, this would be the perfect activity to do when you want to relax. The resort also features a floating dock for lounging and fishing as well.

Enjoy Your Trip!

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