How many times have you booked an early morning flight, only to still get stuck in security? We’re willing to bet more than once.

It’s an inevitable part of flying commercial. You take every avenue to expedite your travel time, but it doesn’t make a difference. Time seemingly stands still while you wait to board.

You’re all too familiar with this if you’re a frequent flyer. Anything that can go wrong probably will go wrong. Lost luggage, extra security checks, delays at customs, and late flights only scratch the surface of potential problems.

It’s not surprising that in a recent survey airlines ranked above only internet service providers, subscription television companies, and health insurance companies for customer satisfaction.

In the face of dismal travel options, we’re here to tell you there’s hope. People of all backgrounds frequently fly stress-free.

How, you ask? They fly on a private aircraft.

Most people assume buying a private jet is expensive. And they’re correct, but ownership isn’t necessary to enjoy a private flight.

Chartering has evolved into an affordable solution for flying private. It cuts out the middleman and puts you in charge of your own travel plans.

Before you plan your next flight, take a look at the 5 things you can expect from an air charter service. We’re betting you’ll start to think twice about commercial flights.

An Air Charter Service Saves Time

The amount of time saved with an air charter service will surprise you. Nobody realizes just how inefficient commercial airlines really are.

Conventional wisdom tells us to arrive at the airport several hours before take off. First, you have to pass security, then find your terminal, and finally, board the plane.

Anyone who’s flown knows this three step process drags on forever.

Chartering a plane eliminates the process entirely. You’ll arrive at a private terminal, skip security, and board the plane within minutes of takeoff.

Air charter services don’t recommend showing up any more than fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Of course, if you do show early, the private terminal is yours to use. We will always do our best to move up your departure time if you’re ahead of schedule.

Unrivaled Amenities

Commercial airlines are in the business of making money. They have airline upkeep costs, fuel costs, and gate fees to pay for before ever seeing a dime. This drives prices for drinks and food through the roof.

Security also keeps customers from bringing drinks on the plane, further increasing prices.

Seating falls victim to the same mentality. Leg room is compromised for more seats, which means more ticket revenue for the airline.

The ability to walk around is also sacrificed in favor of more seating. Isles are built barely large enough for one person abreast.

All of this changes on an air charter flight.

The amenities you’re looking for are all available upon request. Free internet service, movies, space to stretch your legs, custom food options, abundant leg room, and even sleeping quarters are just a phone call away. Some charters even have mobile offices for business travel.

Best of all, any of these things can be included in your original quote.

Personal Freedom

Anyone who values freedom of choice will love using an air charter service.

Most freedom comes from bypassing security. Any screening happens before you arrive at the airport. If we have agreed to charter you a plane, you can rest assured we’re confident you pose no security threat.

As we mentioned earlier, TSA is a non-issue when flying private.

You can keep your belt and shoes on, bring any size container of liquid you’d like, bypass metal detectors, and move freely on and off the plane before takeoff.

Many people have their “ah-ha!” moment when they realize packing shampoo and toothpaste for vacation won’t require special containers.

Streamlined Service

Everything about the private charter experience is streamlined to put your mind at ease.

Our service provides a full staff working together to coordinate every step of the way, from booking to arrival. Let’s look at an overview of a typical chartered flight experience.

First, decide your destination. We service far more airports, including smaller regional airfields than the commercial airlines.

Next, we’ll give you a quote for different aircraft options. We’ll also add in any extra amenities to your quote. Would you like sushi for lunch on your flight? No problem. All you need to do is ask.

Once everything is booked you will only need to show up on time. Our staff will escort you to the private terminal, your gate, and introduce your pilots and in-flight crew.

We’ll load your luggage directly onto the plane, meaning there’s zero chance your bags get lost.

During the flight, any requests can be directed to our flight attendants. Don’t hesitate to ask them for anything you may need. Remember, they’re not the overburdened busy bodies of the commercial airlines.

Upon arrival, we’ll either escort you to your rental car or provide you with other options for transportation. If you need to adjust your eventual flight home, a short phone call can have everything changed to fit your needs.

Freedom and Finance – Balanced

Chartering a private flight gives you the freedom of your own private plane in a financially responsible package.

Your only time constraints depend on which aircraft are available for charter. Adjustments to arrival and departure are usually no issue; something that we all know commercial airlines cannot offer.

The cost savings of chartering a jet for infrequent flights more than makes up for the loose time restrictions.

Prices will depend on the size and type of jet, and the travel time. Light-jet flights range from $3,000 to $4,000 per hour, mid-size jets $4,000 to $5,000, and heavy jets $5,000 to $6,000. Seating and flight range vary depending on jet size.

For perspective, flights on a Citation II cost around $1,200 in fuel. That’s without pilot and crew salary, parts and maintenance, insurance, and any on board amenities.

Insurance alone can cost upwards of $25,000.

Unless you’re a power user, a chartered flight even two to three times a year is still fiscally superior to owning a jet.

Chartering a jet for your next business trip or vacation is a far superior alternative to flying on commercial airlines. You’ll have a far quicker, more customizable, more luxurious trip on a chartered jet.

If you’re in the market for a chartered flight service, get in contact with us. We own and maintain our own fleet, allowing us to balance cost with quality accommodations.