Flying can be a stressful experience – long waits in airports, doubly long security lines and the dreaded passenger next to you. If you’re sick of commercial flights, you may want to consider an air charter to get you to your next meeting or event.

Air charter flights can make more sense than flying commercial in several instances – especially if you are looking for convenience. It also works to save you time in several areas, which can be important in today’s busy world.

Air Charter Benefits

You may have considered an air charter, but often thought it wasn’t the right option for you. Air charters offer several benefits that can increase the efficiency of a business or personal traveler and create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Long past are the glory days of flying commercial, as now it is more cattle herd than class. Air charters offer an alternative option to flying that maintains a level of professionalism and luxury.

Let’s look at some of the ways an air charter can be beneficial and make more sense than a commercial flight.

Serves Smaller Cities

With approximately 19,820 airports in the U.S. today and only about 599 of them offering commercial service, it’s hard to get close to your final destination if it’s not in a big city.

With much of business taking place outside the majority of these 599 airports, your trip always continues on after your commercial flight with lengthy ground transportation to your final destination.

A charter flight is able to access a good portion of the airports commercial flights can’t access, getting you closer to your final destination. This also works to save you travel time as you are often mere minutes away from where you need to be with an air charter.

In cases such as these, it makes sense to invest in an air charter versus a commercial flight that won’t get you close enough to your destination.

No TSA Lines

Access, for an air charter, is another of its benefits. You don’t have to weave your way through the security line like a commercial flight, as you have immediate entry to the plane.

No more waiting for the person in front of you to fumble with their shoes and laptop. You can confidently stride onto an air charter with no wait.

With the average flyer arriving at the airport two hours before for a commercial flight, a colossal amount of time is being spent just waiting around. In today’s busy world, this is wasted time and can impact a business and its employees.

Air charters offer immediate entry to the plane shortly before the scheduled takeoff – no TSA to contend with.

If time is of the essence to you, you would be making a wise decision to go with an air charter flight. Not only will it save you time, it will also save you on the frustration that occurs in security wait lines.

Nearby Parking

How many times have you arrived at the airport for a commercial flight and you have to park miles away, lugging your luggage to and fro? With an air charter, parking is often just steps away, making it super convenient to arrive and depart.

Before 911, air charter passengers were able to pull up on the tarmac. These days, flyers are parking in nearby lots. Still, the convenience can’t be matched when compared to a commercial flight airport services.

In addition, most air charter parking lots are free, cutting out the high cost of parking fees that can be incurred with commercial flights.

You Know Every Passenger

Have you ever worried about who your seat mate would be for a long flight? Air charters are typically reserved for an entire business, university or individual, eliminating this situation from occurring.

You’ll most likely know everyone on an air charter. This is a great opportunity to hold business meetings, strategize, or get some work done during the flight.

You won’t be overly concerned with the bad behaviors of the passenger next to you or that crying baby disturbing your rest. You will have privacy on an air charter that can never be achieved on a commercial flight.

Try an air charter to avoid these nuisances and have a more relaxed and productive flight.

Equipped For Technology

In today’s world, everyone is on an electronic device. Commercial flights aren’t equipped to support these technologies, lacking a place to connect and charge devices.

Most air charters are setup to give a flyer access to plugin devices so they can stay connected throughout the entire flight. Cabin phones and fax machines are also commonplace, making air charters in-air offices.

No more watching the same movie as the entire commercial flight. Air charters cater to their flyers’ needs, providing an array of movies, TV, and music to pass the flight’s time.

A survey by the National Business Aviation Association showed that respondents that flew commercial saw a 40 percent drop in productivity. You can virtually start working the moment you walk onto an air charter – only stopping to get off when landed.

For travelers that don’t want to miss a beat while in flight, an air charter can be the way to go to make sure your time in the air is well spent and productive.

With the many benefits of reserving an air charter working to create a more productive atmosphere that saves on personal time and frustration, it can be a beneficial choice for air travel. Whether you need to travel a long or short distance, an air charter will provide you with a convenience that just can’t be found with the hassles of a commercial flight.

When you are looking for a time saving and direct option, select an air charter to get you there faster and more efficiently. It can make sense for your business and personal life.