Flying is treated as a necessary evil by most travelers in today’s world.

Commercial air travel focuses on moving the most number of people to and from destinations per day. It often feels more like a crowded grocery store or coffee shop than a full-service travel experience. You are not treated as an individual, and your property can be mistreated or even lost.

All that said, the ease of air travel compared to any other form of transportation cannot be beat.

So how does a discerning traveler solve the problems with commercial air travel?

Enter air charter. Air charter allows travelers to bypass these issues entirely. The hassles of commercial air travel are eliminated and replaced with efficiency and luxury.

With air charter, you can fully enjoy the journey to your destination.

Let’s get into it!

Hurry up and wait.

One of the biggest headaches when flying is figuring out the ideal time is to arrive at the airport.

The TSA recommends arriving two to three hours early for your flight during peak travel times.

First, you arrive at the airport. Then, you’re expected to wait at multiple points in the boarding process. This is all after rushing (of course) to get to the airport at the right time.

Waiting in line at the security check point, at the gate, to board the plane, and to stow carry-ons – these are all time-wasters. But with air charter, there’s no need to schedule in two to three hours of waiting into your itinerary.

Because you board chartered aircraft directly, you can bypass the multi-stage corralling that commercial air passengers endure.

Paying a premium for basic comforts.

Airports are infamous for their high prices – not only for flights, but common purchases. Coffee, fast food, even headphones all come with expensive price tags.

Did you ever think about how your in-flight comfort does as well?

Think about it:

Airlines want to save on fuel costs. To do so, they’re going to pack people onto the plane. That’s why seats slowly inch closer to the row in front of them with each redesign.

To get any respectable level of personal space, travelers are smacked with terms like “First Class,” “Business Class,” and the like.

If you went into a busy restaurant, only to find that they had squeezed 25% more tables into the room to accommodate more guests, what would you think? Wouldn’t you think less of the experience?

With air charter, passenger comfort is a top priority.

Choose the aircraft that perfectly suites the size of your party and the length of your journey, so you can arrive in comfort.

In addition having a comfortable seat (especially on longer flights), air charter accounts for many of the “luxuries” of commercial air travel as a price of entry.

For example, many commercial airlines offer in-flight wifi for a steep fee.

Chartered aircraft accounts for the needs of passengers (especially those traveling for business) who refuse to lose productivity to a faulty WiFi signal or a missed call.

Being at the mercy of the airline.

While not having enough legroom can certainly be unpleasant, lack of personal space becomes irrelevant when you consider a flight cancellation or delay.

Due to the nature of commercial air travel, a delay of only 15 minutes can wreck a schedule of connection flights. This could potentially delay arrival for hours.

When an important meeting or event is planned, having this problem with your commercial flight can damage your company or career.

Air charter (especially for business jets) brings you directly to and from your destination. There’s no need to worry about mysterious technical difficulties or missed connections.

Your team can also travel as one unit instead of scattering across flights or planes, increasing productivity.

If traveling with loved ones or for leisure, you can add time to your vacation with air charter.

Only slightly less nerve-wracking than canceled or delayed flights: lost luggage.

Air charter keeps your luggage securely within reach, allowing you to travel with confidence.

No need for desperate measures (like shipping your luggage to your destination before you arrive) when a trusted air charter team is handling your experience from start to finish.

Being at the mercy of other passengers.

Even with minimal trouble from the airline, airport or plane itself, commercial air travel can be ruined just as thoroughly by other travelers.

From crying babies to an over chatty seat companion, commercial flights are filled with strangers from all walks of life. There are bound to be a few challenges.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have respectful row-mates, there’s the ongoing struggle of how to get comfortable without disturbing other passengers.

Anyone who has tried to catch up on sleep during a commercial flight will understand just how utterly futile it is.

With commercial air travel, you’re at the whim of the bad behavior of others.

With chartered air travel, you know exactly who you’re traveling with. You can prepare accordingly.

The luxury of having a chartered aircraft means eliminating most of your flight complaints.

Air Charter Solves the Problem

Long lines, uncomfortable cabins, and poor service. Flying commercial is, at best, unpleasant.

At worst, the experience can be nightmarish.

Air charter is an excellent alternative for travelers who need to bypass the discomfort and wasted time that is inherent in commercial flights.

Air charter solves the major pain points of air travel. You’ll actually get to enjoy your flight!

Do you have any personal flight pet peeves? Tell us in the comments below.